Ethics and sustainability

Procurement at Svevia.

Ethics and sustainability

Our suppliers are an important part of our business. Through good collaboration, regular dialogue and shared effort, we can deliver quality to our customers. Therefore, it is important that we have and abide by shared policies and values.

We impose the same requirements on our suppliers as we impose upon ourselves, where our ethical requirements form the guidelines for our practices.

It is important to be able to take responsibility for the work, irrespective of who carries it out.

Therefore, it is important that as a supplier, you are aware of our requirements, in order to give our customer the quality that Svevia has come to represent.

List of important documents

Information to everyone working on behalf of Svevia

As a subcontractor, we expect you to act in accordance with our safety culture and our values, as well as to contribute to a pleasant and inclusive workplace.

Responsible Procurement

Knowledge and insight on the part of our employees is important in order to carry out responsible procurements. In our procurement guidelines, the following overall target areas have been identified:

  • All purchases/procurements must be performed by authorised procurers.

  • Purchases/procurements must be assessed from the perspective of their total cost and by adopting a comprehensive view where Svevia’s overall profitability takes precedence over individual profit centres.

  • All agreements must be documented and entered into the contract database in our procurement system (Procurement Portal)

  • Procurements must be characterised by good business ethics and professionalism, and be based on sound competition and collaboration in accordance with a signed agreement.

  • Sustainability requirements for partners and suppliers must be communicated through Svevia’s ethical requirements, which must accompany all procurements

  • Procurements will be improved through continuous supplier follow-up and analysis

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Invoice requirements

Invoices that are sent to Svevia must contain certain obligatory information. If the invoice is incomplete or incorrect, it will be returned.


Svevia’s Swedish company only accepts invoices in electronic format. We have a number of different options for anyone who wants to send their e-invoices.