Invoice content requirements

Invoices that are sent to Svevia must contain certain obligatory information. If the invoice is incomplete or incorrect, it will be returned.

What an invoice must include


  • An invoice must always contain a reference in the form of a work order or purchase order, which should be clearly stated in the header of the invoice. The purchaser must provide you with the reference when placing the order.

    An invalid reference means that the e-invoice will not be received, but will immediately be returned to you with an error message.

  • A work order consists of 4–9 digits. No letters, hyphens or spaces must be included. When e-invoicing, the work order must be entered in the “RequisitionistDocumentReference” tag. Enter only the work order number in the reference field.

  • Purchase orders will only appear on invoices that have been preceded by electronic orders. You will find more detailed information about this on the right.

  • The name of the purchaser should also be included, but not entered in the reference field, but rather in any other field.

General information

The invoice must contain general information in accordance with the Swedish Tax Agency’s directives and current VAT legislation. Find out more about the requirements at the Swedish Tax Agency’s website.

In addition to the Swedish Tax Agency’s requirements, the invoice must also include the following information:

  • Corporate ID number (the seller’s and the purchaser’s)

  • Bank, Bankgiro or Plusgiro information

  • Payment terms (due date)

  • Information about F-tax

Additional information when invoicing for construction services

Svevia AB and Svevia Betong AB applies, in accordance with chapter 1, section 2, paragraph 4 of the Value Added Tax Act, reverse charges when purchasing construction services, so no VAT will be charged when the invoicing concerns construction services.

When invoicing for construction services, the following additional information is required on the invoice:

  • The buyer’s (our) VAT registration number

  • Confirmation that reverse charges for VAT apply

Transfer the claim

The Supplier is not entitled to transfer its claim to a third party unless a separate written agreement is reached between the parties. If a transfer is allowed, the supplier is responsible for the new creditor being informed and accepting the Svevia’s applicable requirements for invoice content and payment rules.

Information for suppliers who receive electronic orders from Svevia

  • Svevia automatically matches an incoming invoice to the electronic order to which it relates. Therefore, an invoice that arises from an electronic order must contain Svevia’s purchase order number.

  • Purchase order numbers have the format 1000xxxx and are included on electronic orders from Svevia.

  • An invoice must have only one purchase order number as a reference and no other characters or text can be entered in the same field.

  • The purchase order number must be entered in a specific field on the invoice, which in the Svefaktura format is called “OrderReference/BuyersID”.

    Corresponding fields may vary depending on the invoicing system you use as our supplier. If you do not have the corresponding fields in your invoicing system, we would encourage you to use the InExchange Invoice Portal (the Your Order Number field) or the BEAst portal (the Buyer's Call-Off Number field).

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