Joint industry standards

Information about rules and regulations common to the construction industry. UE 2021, ID06, BASTA & Electronic staff attendance register.

UE 2021 – terms and conditions issued by the Swedish Construction Federation

Contract terms for subcontractors and staffing companies when hiring within the scope of the Construction or Road and Rail agreements.


All employees at Svevia are members of and carry ID06 cards at all sites. Svevia requires everyone who is on a Svevia construction site to be able to present their ID06. When delivering goods, no ID06 is required.

By using advance notification, compulsory ID requirements and attendance logging, we make it more difficult for unauthorized individuals to access the construction site.

ID06 is the construction industry’s own initiative for counteracting off-the-books work and financial crime as well as for promoting fair competition. ID06 means that:

  • The contractor (subcontractor/supplier) is obligated to report in advance, in writing, to the client (general contractor) the names and personal ID numbers of everyone who has the right to be at the construction site

  • Everyone at the construction site must be able to present a valid ID on request,

  • Everyone at the construction site must wear a visible name tag or equivalent,

  • The contractor must keep a daily attendance record (staff attendance register) of everyone who is at the construction site. The daily attendance record must be kept for two years and be made available to any inspection by the Swedish Tax agency,

  • The client has the right to refuse entry to anyone who is not registered or who does not have a valid ID,

  • The client has the right to impose a fine of SEK 500 per person and day if an employee of the contractor is unable to present a valid ID,

  • The contractor is obligated to cite ID06 in agreements with any subcontractor.

Electronic staff attendance registers at Svevia

Since January 1, 2016, the construction industry is subject to the Tax Procedure Act (2011:1244) regarding electronic staff attendance registers.

It is the responsibility of the subcontractor to find out how the legislation is implemented at each site. This can be done by contacting the site manager or project management in advance to obtain information about how to sign in and out of the staff attendance register at each site.

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BASTA – phasing out of hazardous substances in the construction industry

As a manufacturer or importer, when you register your goods in the database, you confirm that you know what the goods contain and that they comply with the BASTA requirements.

Svevia requires that all building and chemical products used by us and our subcontractors are registered in the BASTA system, as per the joint industry standard.

It helps us choose materials that are better for the environment. This means for:

  • Manufacturers or importers – that all goods included in the agreement must be registered in BASTA.

  • Retailers – that you request that your suppliers register their goods in BASTA.

  • Subcontractors – that you primarily choose goods that are registered in BASTA and request that your suppliers join BASTA.

  • Consultants – that you primarily choose goods that are registered in BASTA

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